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Re: FreeQt ?


Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

> Besides, Qt is 'almost-free' software.  If it doesn't become a runaway
> commercial success, I'd bet Troll Tech would re-release it as free
> software after a few years.

Troll is using a different economic model for generating revenue than
other free software companies.  They get other people to write free
software (for zero cost to them) on one platform so they can sell it
under their own license commercially on other platforms.  They prevent
those same authors from redistributing the free software they wrote on
those other platforms (anything other than the X Window System).

The X Window System is likely to be replaced, at which point your
Qt-based free software will become very non-free.

Sounds like a losing bet.

Why exactly is Qt almost-free?  It's a scam.  Just because some free
software authors have been snookered into it, doesn't mean we should
put all of our hopes and dreams at the whim of a company that works
against our interests, our goals, and the free software community.

If Linus, GNU, X11, or BSD had used such as license, would Debian
exist?  Would Linux be what it is today?  No.

- - Dan

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