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Re: exim/procmail & mutt: some mboxes read as 'new', others don't exmh and Xauth expect scripts explanation pls on postscripts,ghostscripts & printing Exporting X-stuff (was: Re: oops..sorry for the blank msg earlier) Fw: failure notice FAT32 issues Favorite getty for serial consoles? faxing with staroffice 5.2? Fdisk fdisk reports 4.2BSD partitions instead EXT2 fetchmail troubles A few unrelated questions: GMT vs Local, Monitor problems, Soft-RAID file permissions in /var/log RE: find question firewall got silly after apt-get upgrade firewall script Firewalling a single machine Floppy/NFS Install Problem follow-up to grep command Font corruption under X Re: Font corruption under X - possibly solved! font problem font question font size in terminals and netscape Forcing X to use 100dpi fonts? Forwarding sent email- from Gopakumar Regarding Executable-java from slink to potato -> 'wd' ethernet card? fsck for UFS?? (fwd) ftape woes FTP, MASQ, certian hosts timeout fvwm2 alt-tab = Windowlist works strange. Re: g++ ? g++ and netscape gdm-Screensaver Getting apache, PHP3, and PostgreSQL working together. getting data into mails Getting mail to recognise multiple identities gkrellm gnome Re: GNOME+Sawmill workspaces gnome-errors & scwm gnus-list-identifiers Good 2D PCI card? Good way to keep kde2 up to date? GQL Library. grep crashes machine hardware question Re: Has anyone used FIPS successfully with Win2K Professional? HD Troubles RE: HeaderName in Apache autoindex Helix Code Packages Helix Gnome Evolution 0.3 Helix Gnome Updater Helix Gnome vs Debian Gnome -- worth the upgrade? Re: Helix's gimp1.1 deb's and aalib1 out of date Hello i have some problems with my gcc help Help compiling Xlib Help for printer and colour RE: help on installing (starting) staroffice help on telnetd problem Help with apt-get through a proxy Help with configuring X Server help with file timestamp help with installing Help with installing unstable packages? Help with mail address help! HELP! 2.1 install from PCMCIA cdrom Help(!) with Slink install -- disk repartitioning problem Help: Dselect ran out of disk space HELP: system locks during boot Help: What does this mean hi hibernation host.conf vs nsswitch.conf how can my program interact with dpkg How do I ..... ( mailboxes and poping ) How do I get flexible email headers and sigs? How do I get mail archives? how do i get sound working? How do I install gnome on potato? how do you find MAC address of a computer How is the lifecycle of ``unstable''? How stable is WINE? how to automatically execute things? How to change I/O address How to compose keys under X how to configure the networks card in RedHat How to create console fonts from TTF, BDF, PCF how to enable 'quake mouse'? how to enable multi line ISDN? how to extract a single file from a debian package? how to install a fake package? How to install Acroread how to load imm module automatically at mount time? How to make a boot disk? How to print? (Xerox DocuPrint C15) how to set up an xterminal? Re: how to upgrade debian to 2.2 how to view /usr/doc/xbooks/specs/Xaw/CH1 HOW-TO report a bug? howto reset root password with setup disk (or some other way) Howto start X server on psuedo-tty or a FIFO HP CD-Writer 7200 plus? HP DesignJet 750C plotter support? HP DeskJet 600 HP DeskJet 600 (please reply private) Http Mail httpd and directories Huge X-fonts in Frozen HW for UPS I am searching IC STR-Z1505 I cannot get JunkBuster to work I need help please I needing driver for Yamaha 740 chip I: XFS ifconfig krashes system im doing a research Image copy of a floppy, how? images iso de debian linux ppc ? IMAP (Netscape?) hiccups in Woody IMAP-aware anymail/frm ? Re: imp IMP issue IMP upgrade 2.2.0-1.pre10 -> 2.2.0-6 init.d init.d stuff Initial Load, X Issues Initial X Load Inn instaling debian in HP LC 2000 install manual for x86 Install-boot failure Installation Installation help (please) Installation of .tgz files installation question...? installation startup problems... installing 2.1 in vmware Installing Alsa Drivers Installing by floppy installing ipmasqadm installing MS PS/2 mouse Debian Linux2.1 Installing Potato CD's Installing TC2 disks Installing the packages Installing X help Installing. introduce ourselves to you. Intrusion Ip Change IP namesever ip-up problem under X IPMasq problems ipportfw problem ippp0 error IRQ conflict with soundcard Is Debian the last OS ? The last update was on 06:44 GMT Sat Jun 15. There are 3165 messages. Page 3 of 7.

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