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Re: Floppy/NFS Install Problem

> I am trying to install debian from floppies on 2 old 486 machines. I can't
> use a CD as neither of them have drives.  The floppies are ok as I have
> managed to install the base system ok on one machine. The other is an old > Intel machine at least 10 years old. It has a SCSI card and 1MB disk and no
If this is not a typo then you can forget about using this box until you
get more HD space, it takes 40M to install Slink (Debian 2.1).

It is a typo. I meant 1 GB. The annoying thing is that if I hadn't mesed up the partitioning when the installation worked I wouldn't be in this mess. I was hoping the NFS option would be a solution, or at least identify if the problem is due to the floppy drive. It isn't the floppies themselves as they worked when installing on the other machine. Anyone know what I did wrong when trying the NFS option? The path I quoted earlier is where I had stored the base2_1.tgz file.


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