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Re: find question

Quoting Andrew Kae (jiggyman77@hotmail.com):
> The find's atime option seems a bit sketchy.
> I've tried find <dir> -atime 3 -print and nothing prints out.
> but when i do :
> find <dir> -atime 2 -print
> it prints stuff out.
> If it's been accessed in 2 days, it's been accessed in 3 days right?
> Unless it means _exactly_ 2 or 3 days, in which case, it's not a great 
> feature since i have to check if directories have been accessed in 60 days!
> Any suggestions or comments?

I think you need

        find spectacles

        man find


       Numeric arguments can be specified as

       +n     for greater than n,

       -n     for less than n,

       n      for exactly n.


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