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fvwm2 alt-tab = Windowlist works strange.

I have a question about fvwm2. 

I've put in my post.hook 

Key Tab   A    M    WindowList

which does work quit nice. I can simply push alt-tab and select the window
to which I want to go. It goes little like the way you do it in M$ Windows,
which I have to use on my work, so it is nice that things work similary, to
avoid pressing the wrong keys continuously.

If I am switching between to windows then it normally works fine. I press
<alt-tab> <cursor-down> <enter> and I'm in the other window again.

But, if one of the windows is emacs. Then something goes wrong. When I
switch from emacs to another program (like an x-term) I always have to do:
<alt-tab> <cursor-down> <enter> <alt-tab> <enter> because after the first
<enter> emacs still has the focus, though the other window is in front and
the mouse cursor is in it already. The other way around works ok.

This is very annoying. Does someone has a hint what can cause this and how
to solve it? Is it a bug of something, and if so, of which? (emacs or fvwm?).

I use frozen. (so: fvwm: Version: 2.2.4-2, emacs: Version: 20.7-2,
xfree86-mach64: Version: 3.3.6-8, and a 2.2.14 kernel).

And by the way, I've just checked, and by default 'WindowList' is bound to
alt-F4, which behaves precisely similar. 

So, perhaps at least someone using fvwm and emacs as well, wants to check if
the problem is also there, or if it is something specific to my



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