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Re: g++ and netscape

On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 08:41:41AM -0700, Nianwei Xing wrote:
> As for the netscape, it still doesn't work. I have
> check the status of bookmarks, I have write
> permission.
> Now I can add bookmarks when I am use the netscape,
> however, when I exit my machine and login it again,
> all of the bookmarks dispears. That's what I want to
> know. Sorry for I didn't tell the details of my
> problem. So do you know how to handle it?

How are you trying to add the bookmarks, through Netscape or
manually with an editor?  To add a bookmark in NS use the Alt+k
combination.  You should be able to edit the bookmarks with the
Alt+b combination.  You might also check to see if you have
write permission in the ~/.netscape directory.  Who is the owner
of that directory?

If you're using an external editor to modify the bookmarks.html
file, be sure NS is NOT running.  It writes over the file upon
exit, so you'll lose any changes.  It is safe to edit it if
NS is not running, however.


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