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Re: hi


The easiest (best?) way to get some hardware working under Linux is to
disable the Plug-n-Play features it may have.  This makes it a royal pain
to keep those hardware components working under the Win9x side of your
computer.  Making Linux do PnP or making Windows _not_ need PnP is one of
those annoying things that dual-boot people just have to deal with.  This
is probably only a problem is you have ISA cards.

Make sure to check out the hardware HOWTO before you get started to see if
there is any hardware you have that will require disabling PnP so you can
do so and get it working again under Windows before getting halfway in and
being annoyed. :)

--adam b.

On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Ethan Pierce wrote:

> David, you certainly can.  You will need to establish some linux
> partions...many on this list prefer fips utility, but I like partition magic
> for dos...its graphical and you can get a good feel for the disk layout.
> -Ethan
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> > I'm real interested in downloading and running Debian, but I have win 95
> > on my machine now, can I leave win 95 on there and use debian too or?
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