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Re: hardware question

dual proc is good, i reccomend good boards from asus or tyan (usually run
around $400 with scsi)

avoid boards like the bp6.

one odd thing i noticed.  i recently downgraded from BP6 to an asus single
cpu box. (from dual 466 to 1 466)

XMMS (mp3 player) took about 30% of cpu when using the BP6
		  now it takes about 0.8% of CPU playing the same songs
off the same hardware(minus the BP6 and minus 1 cpu, and kernel
recompiled for uniprocessor mode)

afterstep applets usually ate around 10% of the CPU even when idle (even
apps like wminet wmmon chewed cpu) now with a single cpu the apps all use
0.0% cpu.

dont know if it's me, the board, the kernel or what was causing it. (I
have been using the BP6 for about a year).

anyone else experienced similar issues ??


On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Bob McGowan wrote:

rmcgow >I'm planning on building my own PC and am interested in recommendations
rmcgow >for motherboard manufacturers and CPU's.  I'm thinking about going with
rmcgow >a dual CPU and using SMP.
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rmcgow >Thanks,
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