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Re: help with installing

On Wed, 05 Jul 2000, Nisse Hellberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like some help installing Debian using floppies. After i've
> inserted all the 7 base disks there is a problem uncompressing the file,
> is that because i've partitionated the disk wrong?

- Uncompressing which file? Maybe you could include the error messages.
Also which version of debian and a little info on what kind of machine you

> I've got a 10GB disk and i want a root /partition, a /usr, a /home and
> 128MB of swap. Im not sure how to do this though concerning logical and
> primary partitions and what partitions should be bootable?

 -Your question is a little vague. If you are using the whole disk for
debian and only want these partitions (plus one for your swap
partition) they can all be primary; you only need logical partitions for
more than four. But if your have another OS sharing the disk it will be
different... send more specific info. Also, technically none of the
partitions need to be bootable if you are just using lilo in the master
boot record (MBR  aka. /dev/hda) - except with some funky bioses that need
an active dos partion somewhere to initialize the drive. But traditionally
many people install lilo on the root or boot partition ( e.g. /dev/hda1)
and make that the active (bootable) partition.  Again, depends on your
setup - send more info.


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