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Re: How do I get flexible email headers and sigs?

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Tony wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone figured a nice way of doing the following:
> I have several "identities" I'd like my mail to go out under - 
> tony.curzonprice@ucl.ac.uk for my academic work, tony@autopd.com for the 
> start-up I sometimes act for, tony@curzon.org for personal stuff etc.
> I'd like the From:, Reply-To: fields and the signature to all change depending 
> on which identity I'm mailing as. The identity should default to the right one 
> if I'm replying, and otherwise should be input in some quick way.
> I currently use mh and manually edit things. There must be a better solution??

Whoa, mh, there's a MUA for real men :). It was pretty much the first MUA
I used on Unix systems when I first started Unix in the late '80s. Anyway,
to answer your question, Pine (after version 4.0) has what I think you're
looking for. It has this concept of a "role", allowing one to set up
different return addresses, signatures, etc. Check it out at
<http://www.washington.edu/pine>. Unfortunately, Pine isn't really in
Debian due to some conflicts with its copyright, but it is easily compiled
and installed. There is also someone (whose name escapes me) who has put
it in a Debian package privately. Threads about Pine erupt periodically
here, it seems to be one of those programs like emacs that beget a lot of
passon, both pro and con. The current version is 4.21.

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