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Getting apache, PHP3, and PostgreSQL working together.

Hello all,

I am trying to get apache, PHP3, and PostgreSQL to work together on my
Potato machine. I want to use the phpPgAdmin to give me a web
accessible interface to the PostgreSQL database. However trying to use
it gives me the following error:

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function pg_connect() in
lib.inc.php on line 90

This suggests to me that PHP is unawareof the PostgreSQL database
functions. I have read the readme files that come with php3-pgsql and
searched the web for solutions to this problem. They all seem to
suggest to edit /etc/php3/apache/php3.ini . In that file I have the
following snippets:

extension_dir   =       /usr/lib/php3/apache

After having edited this file I issued an "apachectl restart" but it
still refuses to use the database functions I need. What do I do
wrong, and, more importantly, how do I fix this?

All help is greatly appreciated.


A puzzled Remmy.

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