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Re: I cannot get JunkBuster to work

** Reply to note from dave@bridgephone.net Sat, 15 Jul 2000 10:29:36 -0500

> > I also have Woffle running on port 8080 and that is specified as the proxy
> > server in Netscape.
> > Could someone please explain what I need to do.
> You need to either tell Netscape to use junkbuster as its proxy or tell
> woffle to forward requests to junkbuster.  Telling junkbuster to forward
> requests to woffle won't have any effect if junkbuster never sees them...

Yes I'm sure I do but I still don't know how!

If I change the port number from 8080 in netscape to 8000 then junkbuster does
work but, of course, wwwoffle doesn't.

I realise that the web pages are going to have to either be cached by wwwoffle
and passed through junkbuster to netscape or processed first by junkbuster then
passed on to wwwoffle for caching and thence to netscape.

My level of understanding of this particular process is that if I put 'localhost'
in one box and '8080' in another then wwwoffle caches my web pages for me.

I would like to continue using woffle and to use junkbuster in addition but the
instructions are going to have to be of the 'put this here' and 'put that there'
type I'm afraid.

Thanks for the reply.

Barry Samuels

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