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Re: Installation of .tgz files

"Suresh Kumar. R" wrote:
> Hi,
> When we install some package using .tgz files, the debian package
> mechanism is not aware that the particular package is installed.
> For ex. I installed postfix*.tgz but apt is unaware of it.
> Therefore, when I use apt-get for installilng something else,
> it would say, MTA not installed and it would try to install one.
> Is there any way to fix it so that I can still enjoy apt-get install?

I believe that you can use alien to install RPM, packages from .tgz,
and (?) Slackware packages also, so that they show up, for instance,
in dselect, or dpkg -l.  What I don't know, and rather doubt, is
that this method will Provide: dependencies, but there may be some
switch that will force in a Provide:, or some other method.

It's been a year since I've used it, so I'm not perfectly expert
on it anymore (was I ever?), and I'll leave reading the man page,
and the info page, as an exercise to the reader.
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