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Re: I cannot get JunkBuster to work

** Reply to note from kmself@ix.netcom.com Sat, 15 Jul 2000 10:54:02 -0700

> Generally speaking, you filter through Junkbuster first, then point it
> to your caching proxy.  I chain Junkbuster to squid. 
> To do this, point your *browser* to the Junkbuster proxy (port 5865 by
> default), and forward Junkbuster to woffle with the appropriate
> forward entry:
>     ## Use the Woffle proxy
>      *	localhost:8080	.	.	# implicit

That is _exactly_ what I needed. Thank you very much.  I now have them working
together nicely both on and off line.

> You also need to specify some sites to block.  What's really nice with
> Junkbuster is that you can use regular expressions to cover a lot of
> ground.

I am now using the sample list supplied with the Junkbuster documentation.  Seems
to work well.

Thanks again.

Barry Samuels 

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