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Initial Load, X Issues

Greetings all, I have just installed Debian via the apt method.  Im not even sure what this did but it seemed to go right into the compilation where dselect from the cdrom was near impossible for me to figure out.  Anyhow, while it was compiling it kept asking me if I wanted this WM or that, I was waiting for enlightenment to show up so I kept saying NO (apparently E doesnt come with 2.1).  So now everything is installed, im on the net and in a console.

A few questions:
1) how should I go about getting X working?  I understand how to use xf86config, but it doesnt seem to support my newer TNT2. I have the Xfree86 4.0 DEB package and I definately want to install that.  Where do I put it to have dselect recognize it.  Or should I compilie X4.0 from source.

2) How do I get my window manager working when/if I get X running correctly?  Is it just a simple matter of editing .xinitrc in homedir?

3) I want enlightenment WM, I used it b4 in mandrake, but could never compile it from CVS because of the way RPMs are strewn about the system in mandrake.  Ive been told that getting E through CVS in Debian was a snap.  Any tips on this?

4)  Lastly, I want to upgrade the kernel.  Should I do that first before anything else?  I am familiar with this process.

Thanks for your help guys, Im coming to Debian because it was highly recommended to me and well maintained.  I dislike the way Mandrake sets files and packages about the system in disorganization.  Please help me convert to Debian.  Appreciations, Ethan

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