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Re: Installing.

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Martin Svensson wrote:

> Hello,
> I work with special designed embedded computers that we have on forklifts
> for warehouse management. The PC consists of one type II PCMCIA slot, where
> we have the harddrive. Usually a SunDisk (flash), or a Calluna disk. And it
> also got two type III PCMCIA for network/radio cards.
> Now I have a problem. I want to install debian on this computer. I have for
> the moment a SunDisk with 175Mb capacity. I've made one 40Mb (MS-DOS)
> partition on it, with the debian installation files. But this computer
> doesn't have a floppy drive, and we cannot connect one either. There is no
> CD-ROM either. I wonder if there is a debian "install package" that I can
> run from ms-dos and just install everything without having to put in any
> floppies. I only have Windows 9x and NT workstations with PCMCIA slots, no
> linux machine. I can also boot from one of the type III PCMCIA slots and
> install on the type II slot, and make the linux partitions there. All I need
> to know if is there is or will be available a complete install package for
> ms-dos. I can install the rest from a network, with a network card running
> ne2000 compatible drivers from the type III slot.
> I hope you understand what my problems is.
> Thankyou in advance
> Martin
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The answer: yes. In fact you would need to download the disks packages and
the install utilities (found in install/ on the Debian CD). Those would be
enough to start the installation. (I hope these are the "Debian
installation files" you have on your MS-DOS parition). The Debian
installation is capable of installing from HTTP, FTP, NFS, any mountable
drive (disk partition,CD-ROM,etc.). You would need to use an address like
'http://www.xx.debian.org' where "xx" stands for the country
identifier of the mirror site. (You may leave this blank, i. e. use
'http://www.debian.org'). If the site you want to use does not support
HTTP (you can hardly find such, though) you may use "ftp://"; instead

Hope this is enough,
Pavel M. Penev

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