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Re: from slink to potato -> 'wd' ethernet card?

On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 09:19, virtanen wrote:

> I'm thinking that it might be nice to upgrade for potato now when I've got
> slink working more or less well. 
> My problem with installing directly potato did not work, because the wd
> module needed for my old ethernet card did not work with the kernel. 
> It was pointed out by 'Nathan' on this list that the problem is with the
> kernel.  

The problem is not actually with the kernel per se, but with the kernel
compiled for the boot floppy you used. I have potato running on a box
with a wd80x3 NIC, and I installed it from scratch. I had to use the ide
flavor (or was it idepci?) of the boot floppies to do so. You could
search the debian-testing list for my comments on the situation.

> But if I upgrade for potato by changing the apt sources for
> 'frozen', what would happen to my networking? 
> (All the network sevrvices seem to be working with slink, but potato I
> didn't manage to install at all, because of that module...)

Upgrading will not change the kernel so your networking services will
continue to work just fine. When you do get around to upgrading your
kernel (a good idea) either compile your own or select the idepci flavor
of the kernel image.

If you're using lilo to boot, the kernel-image package will arrange for
you to be able to boot from using your new kernel image or your old
kernel image when lilo is run as part of the package install.

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