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Re: IMP issue

Matthew Thompson wrote:
> Hello, all
> I just installed imp/horde/mysql.  My server is located at mattyt.net.
> Here is my /etc/hosts:
>       localhost
> ...
>     doma.mattyt.net         doma
> ...
> For some reason, when I point Netscape (from outside mattyt.net) at
> mattyt.net/imp, Netscape says 'Looking up host doma.mattyt.net', then it
> says 'Host doma.mattyt.net not found' of course, since the name doma is
> only know to the LAN, it's not a routed subnet.

What does your /etc/nsswitch.conf look like?  Is it only
using DNS for host name resolution?  If so,

	1) insert "files " before "dns", or
	2) is there any internal nameserver for your LAN?
		One that'll forward queries for the rest of the world?
	   Then put that first in the nameserver entries in
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