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Re: Installing X help

On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 09:13:18PM -0600, Chris Cameron wrote:
> I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to help me out with a problem I'm
> having with X.
> As usual I've screwed up part of my Linux system. I was trying to update
> from KDE/X 3.3.5 to Gnome and X 3.3.6. After removing all evidence of X and
> KDE, I tried installing X with the binaries on their site, but I ran into an
					      Who's site?
> ldconfig problem complaining about a lack of Xaw3d. Same story when trying
> this with .deb packages.
> Any chance this is a common problem? Is there at least another route I can
> take to getting X going again?

It'd be helpful to know which version of Debian (Slink, Potato, ...).
If you're missing Xaw3d then you probably haven't grabbed all the
necessary X packages (like xaw3d).  Anyway, you probably want to install
xaw3dg.  Maybe you want to use apt? 
	$ apt-get update
	$ apt-get install task-x-window-system task-gnome-desktop

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