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Re: How do I get flexible email headers and sigs?

Hoi Tony!

  Tony> I have several "identities" I'd like my mail to go out under - 
  Tony> tony.curzonprice@ucl.ac.uk for my academic work, tony@autopd.com for the 
  Tony> start-up I sometimes act for, tony@curzon.org for personal stuff etc.

  Tony> I'd like the From:, Reply-To: fields and the signature to all
  Tony> change depending on which identity I'm mailing as.

  Tony> The identity should default to the right one if I'm replying, and
  Tony> otherwise should be input in some quick way.

You can do all of these (and *much* more) with gnus (look for posting
styles in the manual).  If you decide to use gnus, you can find many very
good tips/tricks and helpful people at gnu.emacs.gnus usenet group (a very
good community).  (Use deja.com for searching older articles.)

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