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Re: What to use as an MTA Re: what's -- and other newbie net-questions Where can I find gnumake? where to find info on ptty programming? Where to get X? which free ISP? Which hardware has linux drivers? which netscape? lynx set-up? Which software to suck a whole website ? Re: Which window manager who shows "phantom" users why is kernel recompilation necessary? Why isn't frozen/ssh up to date? Why not diff binaries? Why not Standard, Pre-Release, and Development versions? window-managers and GUI environments wine problem Wine Windows Emulator wired error when compiling 2.2.16 woody man segfaults when run as root woody->potato, woody->slink, potato->slink? woody: backspace and altgr broken in X wu-ftpd chroot environment wv (the program formerly known as mswordview) wwwoffle config script Re: X broken at 3.3.6-8 potato update!!! a work-around fix X crash question (where's the core file?) Re: X fonts (2) X is "out of resources" X Terminals X tunneling with SSH X with shadow-passwords X-Server configuration X-Windows. xconsole xconsole & .Xresources XDM wont start, font 'fixed' not found. xdvi weird stuff Xemacs and cvs problem... Xemacs VM & w3 Xemacs/GNUs and decoding attachments Xf86 xonfig for Compaq Deskpro TFT5000 XF86Setup with ATI Rage Pro 128 xfree 4.0 and Matrox Xfree Mode Switching? XFree4 Debs Xfree86 4.0.1 XFree86 4.0.1 from source xfree86 4.01 XFree86 server for ATI Rage 128 Pro Xfree86-4.0.1 and Enlightenment XFS xfs-xtt - cannot establish any listening sockets XMailTool Package Market Research XML & HTML xmms shared library fault xsession errors xterm cannot execute xterm (fwd) XTERM settings? Yamaha 4416SX! Re: Advansys 3940UA Ultra-SCSI controller recommended? Re: your mail Zenith Z-Note MX Laptop zeus and debian. Zope 2.2 on Woody broken? The last update was on 21:11 GMT Sun May 24. There are 3164 messages. Page 7 of 7.

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