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Help: Dselect ran out of disk space

I managed to do a floppy/ftp install of Potato on an old 4086DX-33
laptop (8MB RAM 120MB HDD) but ran out of disk space.
I used a 16MB swap file.

At one point I had in mind to use it as a gateway on my 10base2 LAN but
my current laptop (sorry it's RH6.2 at the moment) and Windoze98SE
desktop are running Seti 24/7 so I'd like to remove all the non

It is running Distributed.Net OGR but the files are a bit of a mess.
I have tried using Dselect to delete unwanted portions but failed. I got
it to run by manually deleting numerous documents, which I was sure I
could manage without, but would like to be able to use Dselect in the

Is there anyway to update the database to reflect what is actually

I'm afraid this happened a few months ago and I don't remember exactly
which files I took out. I have just completed an apt-get update/upgrade
so I presume that the system is in reasonable shape.

As you will probably guess my Linux exposure is limited. However I'm
quite capable of editing any files.

Any help would be most welcome.


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