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Re: How to install Acroread

Nianwei Xing wrote:
> Hi, debians:
> I am a new comer for Debian. I just want to install
> acroread on my machine. I am not the super user and
> also I have download the linux-ar-405.tar.gz.
> Any infomation is appreciated!

If you want a private copy of acroread, one only
executable by you, you may
tar xzvf linux-ar-405.tar.gz (feel free to TAB for file-name
completion under bash) , then cd to the directory
that is created, which you'll see at the beginning
of each filename as tar writes them out.  ls , and
read the README (however it is named).  There may
be an install script, or maybe you'll use it just
as you've unpacked it, in which case, add that
directory, or directory/bin, to your path in .bashrc.
Or add a link in whatever executable directory you
already have in your .bashrc to directory/acroread .

If you want acroread to be usable by all those
who use that platform, you ought to ask the sysadmin
to install the Debian package, like Pavel says.

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