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RE[2]: Inn

Christopher Clark <chris@maltwhiskey.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> OK so i can 'suck' selected newsgroups.
> But I have forgotten how to download the 'active' file
> so that I can select appropriate new groups.

Active files tend to be huge these days, and you don't need one to subscribe
suck to a group; just put it in sucknewsrc. Otoh, if you really want to look
at the active list, use the utility 'testhost' that is part of the suck
package: 'testhost some.news.host -a'

The suck-inn combination usually takes a little while to get configured
correctly; at least that is my experience. Once set up, it works like a charm.
If you're confident your inn install is working ok, i.e. you can post and read
to local groups, then take a shot at suck. The suck list would be good place
to continue your search for answers. (Which is why I recommend building from
source; the list regulars are always working with the current stuff.)

Bob Bernstein                  http://www.ruptured-duck.com

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