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ftape woes

I compiled ftape into my kernel (actually as a
module). I have an Eagle TR-3 type drive on my floppy
controller which is the on-board unit (can handle 2.8
mb floppies).  The ftmt status command never
completes, taring a backup to the tape drive doesn't
work either.  What happens is that the tape moves 3 or
four times and stops.  After a long while it fails
with 'io error' or 'write error'.  The tape drive is
factory jumpered, and exists with both a 3.5" (A:) and
5.25" (B) floppy disk drives.  The same tape drive was
working fine with the same setup (on a different
computer) under windows with the windows software (so
I believe the drive is ok).  Has anyone else got ftape
(2.2.14 kernel source) to work with a similar drive?  

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