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HELP! 2.1 install from PCMCIA cdrom

I didn't have any luck finding this topic in the archive, but I'm sure
it's come up before...

I'm being tortured by a Sony Vaio laptop which does not have a built in
CDROM. Instead it has a PCMCIA connected CDROM drive. Happily the laptop
is able to boot from the CDROM, so I just stuck my 2.1 CD in and tried
to install Debian. It boots and I can fix up the harddrive, but
unfortunately I can't install the operating system because Debian can't
find the CDROM. (even though it booted from it!)

Could somebody tell me how I can install Debian on this thing? (I'm
installing 2.1 because I have CDs for it but I plan to upgrade to 2.2
immediately, so let me know if this could be done better starting with

I found a little bit in the HOWTO documents about installing from a
PCMCIA device, but it didn't look pretty. I thought I'd check to see if
there was a proper Debian way to do it.


To help narrow down the possibilities, here are my other resources:

a computer with debian 2.2 (but no net access, if I need to download
something, it could be tricky)
a Sun with net access (but Solaris)
a PCMCIA NIC for the laptop (NFS boot?)
I can't burn CDROMs
I have plenty of floppies around if that's what I have to do.

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