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Installation help (please)

I'm trying to install Linux Debian 2.1 onto my machine.
It is a PII 350 with a new UDMA 20GByte drive.
I currently use Partition Magic 5.01 pro to manage my partitions which are currently NTFS for NT4 and FAT32 for windows 98 SE.
I have read the installation manual for Debian and the 'Installing a new operating system' section of the partition magic manual.
No matter how I partition/set up my drive I or where I create the partition (I have tried primary and logical) get the same error when running the boot.bat file on the Installation CD.
Kernel Panic: Cannot Mount Volume.
then the machine stops. The system reports the drive type/technology and the partitions correctly.
I do just before that get an Adaptec 7000 not found message (I do not have any SCSI adapteros in the machine.
Could someone please tell me what (apart from still using Microsoft software) what I am doing wrong as I am struggling alot.
Best regards, Paddy

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