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Re: g++ and netscape

Hi, Ragga:
Thanks for your information!
I have make the g++ work for I forget to give the
directory ./
As for the netscape, it still doesn't work. I have
check the status of bookmarks, I have write
Now I can add bookmarks when I am use the netscape,
however, when I exit my machine and login it again,
all of the bookmarks dispears. That's what I want to
know. Sorry for I didn't tell the details of my
problem. So do you know how to handle it?



--- Ragga Muffin <ragga@pyxis23.ec.t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp>
> Nianwei Xing <linux_debian@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Hi, Debians:
> > I have two problem with my new debian.
> > 1. Afte I compile and link my c++ code with g++ ,
> it
> > generate a.out but I can not execute it. should I
> need
> > to install some packages?
> Do you get some error message ?
> I can imagine 2 possibilities:
>   1. You don't have execution permissions on the
> file.
> 	 The remedy is 'chmod u+x a.out'
>   2. You really generated an a.out but have no
> support in the kernel
> 	 Hmm... somehow I doubt this...
> > 2. I can not use "add bookmark" in my netscape,
> > however, there is the file bookmark.html exist
> under
> > the directory ./netscape under my home directory.
> How
> > can I handle this situation?
> Check that you have write permissions on that file
> and directory.
> Does netscape read the file if you point it to it ?
> Ragga
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