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Re: fetchmail troubles

> > fetchmail: SMTP> DATA
> > fetchmail: SMTP< 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
> > 
> Well, I think, it is the POP server that is to be blamed. A POP3
> server is supposed to return the message followed by a <CR><LF>
> and '.'  when a TOP n 99999999 or a RETR n is given. It that does
> not happen, then a situation similar to the one you described can
> arise. Can you get your e-mail provider to change their broken
> POP server software?
> I am surprised that other e-mail users (using the same POP3
> server) aren't complaining!

Indeed it is. My linux box is connected by DSL, but I also can connect
by modem by a windows box. And there it works without problems. If it
where the missing period at the end, how comes, that this affects only
the very last message, and that this last message is written as an
ever growing file in the spool directory. Wouldn't it be to expect a
missing period causing just doing nothing until a timeout?

Christoph Simon

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