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Floppy/NFS Install Problem


I am trying to install debian from floppies on 2 old 486 machines. I can't use a CD as neither of them have drives. The floppies are ok as I have managed to install the base system ok on one machine. The other is an old Intel machine at least 10 years old. It has a SCSI card and 1MB disk and no IDE connectors. When I try to install the base system from the same floppies I get right through the installation until it tries to install the system from base2_1.tgz but then does nothing. I suspect the SCSI hard disk may be on the way out as it sometimes hangs when initialising the partitions, I can't test this easily due to the lack of IDE connectors.

In case the floppy drive is suspect I have tried to use the NFS option to install base2_1.tgz from the other 486. When I enter Gamma:/home/mike as the path it generates an error message. I installed the NFS module on both the machines. If anyone can help I would be grateful. If not, the machine may get binned!

I have tried using the floppies on 50+ occasions. The installation has worked on one occasion but I made a mess of the partitioning scheme so had to start again.


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