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Re: Helix Gnome Evolution 0.3

** On Jul 29, Hans scribbled:
> At 12:03 PM 7/28/00 -0400, Ethan Pierce wrote:
> >Hi, I was reading today on slashdot about Evolution 0.3.  They have a
> download link for the tar.gz file.  I was wondering if the apt-get utility
> will work if I use the spidermonkey.helixgnome.com source for the update?
> Has anyone else tried this?
> >
> >Thanks -Ethan
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> I don't want to start a war here, but what's so great about Evolution? It
> looks more like a regression to me. It imitates M$ in more than one way: it
> looks like it, has the same bloat factor and packs way to many features in
> a single frame. Where is the innovation? I switched from KDE to Gnome
> because I saw smarter programs being developed by the Gnome team, but after
> seeing Gnumeric and now this Evolution I start to doubt.
Nobody forces you to use Evolution. The advantage of such software is that
it provides a functionally and visually equivalent to proprietary software
while being 100% free. I suppose that advantage is obvious. You can look at
it as on a marketing/support factor. If any of your customers would come to
you and say "hm... I would switch to Linux, but I kinda like the M$ Outlook.
If Linux had something like that...". Now you will be able to say "Voila!
Evolution - right here for you!" :-). Besides, the product will no doubt be
dozens of times more secure than any of the M$ incarnations of Outlook.
There was an awful flamewar some time ago on debian-devel/debian-project
regarding non-free software. One of the arguments of one of the sides was
that as long as we cannot provide the users with 100% free equivalents to
the proprietary/non-free software we cannot remove the non-free section from
Debian. Well, Evolution is one (big) step towards the goal of having only
free software in your machine. 

That said, I will only state that I won't use Evolution for my own mail,
since I prefer other MUAs, but I find Evolution a great thing to have in our
(read: the free community) software pool :-)


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