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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

At 00:28 2000/07/31 +1000, you wrote:
How common is the "Debian last" practice, that is, try other distributions (including non-GNU/Linux) and then come to Debian to stay?

I started out as a user on a X-friend's Yggrassil (sp?) system. Then we switched to SlackWare, and that was also my first installed network (2 486s, running ArcNET, and one attached with PLIP). I switched to RedHat next, and used it for years, got my Dad involved with it too. I've since switched to Debian with the Potato release, mostly because RedHat was getting to be WAY too expensive, but also because I'd researched Debian, and I liked their philosophy, and their "apt" program and method of updating.

I'm still very much getting used to Debian, however, and the long time between releases is stopping my Dad from switching, since he wants to switch to the most updated release possible if he switches, but even Potato's just 2.2.16/17.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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