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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

Being relatively new to Linux (only year and 1/2), my first go at Debian
was slink. Recommended to me by a friend (an ISP), it seemed the way to
go. I'd just started Uni, and had a brand new laptop, that for the life
of me, I couldn't configure X on, so Debian got dumped in favour of
Redhat, which I stayed with for about 6 months. Then I managed to get a
P200, and I immediately switched back to Debian and have been using it
ever since, much easier to use in my opinion.

Mark Suter wrote:
> Folks,
> How common is the "Debian last" practice, that is, try other
> distributions (including non-GNU/Linux) and then come to Debian
> to stay?
> Within Humbug[1], approximately 2/5 of the membership are now
> Debian users; however, only a few went straight to Debian.

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