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Re: How do I get flexible email headers and sigs?

Quoting Sven Burgener (svenb@bluewin.ch):
> On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 02:55:25PM +0000, Tony wrote:
> > I have several "identities" I'd like my mail to go out under - 
> > tony.curzonprice@ucl.ac.uk for my academic work, tony@autopd.com for the 
> > start-up I sometimes act for, tony@curzon.org for personal stuff etc.
> > I'd like the From:, Reply-To: fields and the signature to all change depending
> > on which identity I'm mailing as. The identity should default to the right one
> > if I'm replying, and otherwise should be input in some quick way.
> Good question. Is there any way of doing this with mutt? Anyone got a
> working solution to this?

I run mutt from a bash function which (a) changes directory and (b)
sets -nw for emacs (with mutt -e) if I'm coming in over the phone.
So I'd do it with multiple instances of mutt, using -e to set the
variables required.

This would require the filtering of incoming mail with procmail into
separate inboxes so that you wouldn't be setting different flags on
the same inbox. (Mutt would cope, but the user probably wouldn't.)
However, it's very likely that, with multiple personalities having
separate email addresses, filtering is already being done anyway.

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Nice one!


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