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RE: I need help please


I'm running Debian on the Sat Pro 4270 ... and the problem's with running X
on this machine have been well documented on this list, and the
debian-laptop list (have a flick through the archives).

However, I haven't tried the new X server for the 3D Savage card available


Which may fix the problem(s). If you've got any specific questions, feel
free to e-mail me.


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Don't know about the rest of the hw but Debian/GNU Linux does support the
3Com card....however, I would suggest that the potential buyer obtain the
latest pcmcia packages(tgz) from the pcmcia homepage.....have fun!

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> I have a customer who would like to purchase a Toshiba from me and intends
> to run Debian Linux as the operating system.
> His question is this:
> He will either buy the Satellite Pro 4320 or 4270 which have with an AGP
> or PCI 3D Savage graphics card built in, does Debian support this hardware
> please?
> He also intends to use a 3Com PCMCIA 10/100BaseT Ethernet card with it to,
> model no. 3CCFE575BT.  Do you know if this is also supported?
> Please could you let me know either way ASAP as he would like to place his
> order today.
> Kindest regards, Melissa.
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