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httpd and directories

hi all

i've installed apache web server and i am puzzled as to how it can see 
my /usr/share/doc or /usr/doc directory.  i was under the impression
that by default all directory lookup begin at /var/www.  so to go
http://www.dahiroc.net/doc the directory /var/www/doc must
exist.  however in my /var/www directory i don't have a 'doc'
directory or link - just an index.html.  yet i can go to
http://www.dahiroc.net/doc.  can someone give a reason for this and
how do i stop apache from looking in my /usr/share/doc directory.

"As a general rule, if you have trouble 
 with the binary system, then probably it 
 is because you do not really understand 
 the decimal system ..."
 		R.W. Hamming

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