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Re: Helix Gnome Updater

Oh - I was under the impression it was a bit smarter than that :(
I don't think I'll bother then - Thanks Joachim.

On 09/07/00 at 22:44 Joachim Trinkwitz spake the following magic words:

>"Mark Herrick" <mark@b-planuk.com> writes:
>> I've installed Helix Gnome on my potato system using:
>> apt-get install task-helix-gnome
>> and it works great, but does anyone know where I can get debs for the
>> helix-updater?
>Not packaged after all I know, but what would you do with it? (The
>updater is only an imitation of apt, isn't it, and Helix is updating
>the GNOME debs quite so often.)

Mark  Herrick - Liverpool - England
mark at blacksky dot co dot uk
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