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Re: Help with configuring X Server

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 08:56:37AM +0100, Patrick J Draper wrote:
> Help, I am a Linux newbie,
> I have gone through a Debian 2.1 installation, installed X Windows
> (X1186R6) and am now having extreme difficulty configuring and
> starting an X Server.
> I go through the graphical XF86Setup program but when I select done
> and the server trys to start I get an error something like
> "X11ConnectionUNIX cannot connect errno 111"
> Could someone please shed some light on this for me.

Unfortunately, error number 111 can be given for almost any cause. So it
isn't really helpful.  When you do XF86Setup, did you test the server?
Do you have the correct X server installed (XF86Setup uses VGA16, but
the majority of users will use the SVGA server).

Anyway, you might tell us your video card for a start and possibly post
your ~/.xsession-errors or make a log of the output from the "startx"

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