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Re: exim/procmail & mutt: some mboxes read as 'new', others don't

+ Manoj Victor Mathew <vmathew@eth.net>:

> Use the config command "mailboxes" in your .muttrc to specify
> which mbox files need to be checked for new mail.
> My .muttrc reads ...
> mailboxes `echo $HOME/Mail/inbox*` `echo $HOME/Mail/per*` \
> `echo $HOME/Mail/gen*` `echo $HOME/Mail/list*`

Any hint, how to echo all files in Mail except msgid.cache? I am still
not keen on unix regular expression -- switched from Amiga to Debian.

+ mailto:kai.weber@gmx.net + http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/~bond/

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