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Getting mail to recognise multiple identities

A week ago or so, I posted the list asking for a nice way to get my mail
client to send out from different "apparent" users - I hve my academic
job, my consulting job, my start-up, my personal stuff. All these need
different signatures and headers, and I was getting bored of doing it
all by hand.

Someone pointed me to Pine. After a week of use, it seems to me this is a
_really_ nice solution to these problems. It has many qualities as a
mailer (nice text UI, works great via telnet, is _very_ customisable) and
it seems to sort out the multiple ideniites problem nicely.

Too bad that copyright problems make it unDebianisable.

Tony Curzon Price                                
ESRC Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution (ELSE)
University College London
Fax/Mail +44 (0)70921 27178                              


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