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Re: I cannot get JunkBuster to work

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.10.10007151156460.3412-100000@solvent> , 
iehrenwald@earthlink.net  was rumoured to have said about 
`` I cannot get JunkBuster to work '': 

> > I have JunkBuster installed on Potato and it is running as a daemon but it
> > won't filter anything.
> [snip]
> I reported this bug a week ago.  The /etc/cron.weekly/junkbuster and
> /etc/cron.monthly/junkbuster files grab blocklist, imagelist, cookiefile.
> the /etc/junkbuster/config file looks for blockfile and imagefile.  To get
> around this, manually run /etc/cron.(weekly,monthly)/junkbuster and change
> /etc/junkbuster/config to read 
> blockfile               /etc/junkbuster/blocklist
> imagefile               /etc/junkbuster/imagelist
> cookiefile              /etc/junkbuster/cookiefile
> Then /etc/init.d/junkbuster restart and give it a go.  It should work now.
> 	Ian

A note to the original poster: since junkbuster works by matching URLs 
to regexps in the blockfile, it would probably be more efficient to have 
wwwoffled forward requests to junkbuster and not the other way around.

Otherwise you download (and cache) the stuff that you don't want to see.



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