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Re: Is Debian the last OS ? Re: Is Debian the last OS ? (Long reply) is someone collecting my outgoing mail? is there a midi/wav plugin for Netscape? Is there OCR for Linux ? isapnp says irq5; modprobe assigns 7 J2EE SDK A java environment for me Just one package from woody with apt-get? KDE stuff kdelibs3 in latest KDE2 builds working? keeping track of used IRQs? kernel 2.2.17 boot disk prob! Re: kernel 2.2.17 boot disk prob! (HELP!) Kernel bugs in 2.2.x kernel null pointer violations kernel patches Kernel problems (was: Re: Unresolved Symbol?) Kernel question Kernel recompile problems Re: Kernel recompile problems (fwd) Kernel source Kernel Source Code [New User] Kernel upgrade Re: kernel-2.2.17-image boot disk prob! kerneld message Re: kerneld message / Workaround Keyboard fails *only* in X keyboard probs Keyboard troubles... keycodes konqueror (KDE) problem: Could not create view for .... kpkg laplink for dos laptop & dhcp Re: Laptop email large HDD Lastest sawfish debs? a lazy question libapache-mod-python doesnt install Libranet libssl09 libssl09 vs libssl095a Lilo lilo lilo + ata/66 + kernel 2.4 problem LILO and Printer LILO troubles Re: LILO troubles (Solved) Lilo-problem Re: Lilo-problem: linux on the 'second' hd Limit devel-changes to i386 related news line drops Re: linux + wan (frame relay) LINUX ON FAT32 list test lobotamy via HD swap Local cddb (freedb) lock-up with thrashing locks and pppd Logging printer usage Logitech Mouseman + ps/2 Logitech trackman marble mouse 3 button logrotate rotating too much Looking for a package, but don't know what to call it Looking for Compression algorithm Loopback in "interfaces" Wrongly Commented on Upgrade lost X in woody..... Lots more info on my pop box problem lp: driver loaded but no devices found lprng errormail lprng out of date? Re: magicfilter trouble (was: apsfilter on Epson Stylus Color... Who can help?) Re: magicfilter trouble (was: apsfilter on Epson Stylus Color... Who can help?) Mahogany for Potato mail forwarding mail problems mailbox postprocessing mailman segmentation fault Major Network Issues Majordomo Approvals make menuconfig making devices Making my own /etc/init.d/local and setting up links Making new "/dev" entries malloc failed Man command man pages Re: Manipulating file content Many problems with KDE2 Mass instalation Matrox G400 not supported in kernel? Maximum characters in username MC meaning of .nfsXYZ files? Menu fonts. menuconfig won't start MGE UPS and HP DDS4. a mgetty.conf for elsa-microlink? midi html tags minicom connection to router Missing something with gnomecc and xscreensaver MITSUMI cdrom module failed, potato from scratch mod-perl+apache showing html code under IE 5.* mod_backhand on Debian modem dialin init string modem driver for linux Modem problems (was :Can't use USRobotics detect) Modem/PPP trouble ... modules.conf vs conf.modules Monitoring program mount mount problem Re: Mounting AFFS R/W? mounting floppy mouse problems MS Proxy MS Proxy with Linux ms sidewinder gpad 2.4.0test fix Multiple Domains Mustek 12000SP (SANE) mutt and asking user Mutt and IMAP - Specifying server mutt domain mutt/muttrc problem My first ever incursion into sound isn't very successful my mail daemon "doesn't like recipient" ? Re: my mail daemon "doesn't like recipient" ? my mouse wont work.... mykisofs + boot image MySQL and DBI mysql-server root password mysqldump named.conf named.conf vs named.boot NE2k problem need help from linux community!! need help with installing potato(on line) need xconsole net-help needed : adsl + dyn-IP (? + dhcp ?) . (re-)starting from scratch Re: net-help needed : adsl + dyn-IP (? + dhcp ?) . (re-)starting fromscratch netatalk printing problem: need help! netbios Netscape & plugins Netscape E-Mail-trouble Network (internet) problems Network cards Network Printing, from an Apple, to Debian. The last update was on 06:44 GMT Sat Jun 15. There are 3165 messages. Page 4 of 7.

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