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Re: HELP! 2.1 install from PCMCIA cdrom

On 28, jul, 2000 at 07:16:46 -0700, Jim Gale wrote:
> So here I am:
> I've made 5 floppies. (root, rescue, driver[123]) and booted the system. As usual it
> boots up fine, but nowhere are there any hints about installing from the network. It
> gives me options for floppies or a cdrom drive.
> I keep reading nebulous references to "net install" but nobody has taken the time to
> explain it. (in any documents I've found) For example:
> Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 For Intel x86 reads:
> The `LAN' and `PPP' rows refer to Internet-based file transfer (FTP, HTTP, and the
> like) over Ethernet or phone lines. In general this is not available, but certain
> kernels may permit you to do this earlier. Experts can also use these connections to
> mount disks and perform other operations to accelerate the process. Providing help in
> such cases is beyond the scope of this document.
> Maybe someone here knows how to do it? Should I start making the next 10 base
> floppies?
> Morten Liebach wrote:
> > Can you install from floppies?
> > Download the installfloppies for Potato and install. It's easy ...

I've never really read the docs, so I didn't know that it was so hard!
Well, ignorance is bliss.

I've only tried to install Debian on this machine I'm at now, but the
flow of things is like this:

0. Log on to the network from Windows (I'm on cable with an ethernet
   card in my machine, looks like LAN in my network setup), reboot.
1. Boot from rescue floppy, give it the root floppy when it asks for it.
2. Configure keyboard, partition harddisk.
3. Feed the rescue floppy, and then driver-[1,2,3].
4. Configuring modules, loading the one for my NIC (ne2k-pci
   specifically ...), setting up the network, my static IP, DNS servers,
   gateway etc.
5. Proceed to installing the base system, and I _do_ get the choice to
   download aff the web, which I do.
   I just go with the defaults here, download from US-http, no proxy. I
   do have a proxy I can use, but it doesn't work with the installer.

That's how I remember I did it, I think it's accurate. The critical
point is that you need to setup the network correctly, and in the case
of PPP I know nothing, have never used it.

I hope this helps, else write back and I and others will do our best.


PS: Couldn't you wrap your lines at 72 columns, I call vim from mutt
    with: set editor="vim -c 'se tw=72'", that way it's done

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