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Re: Forcing X to use 100dpi fonts?

nate@firetrail com <nate@firetrail.com> writes:
Nate> anyone know how to force X to use 100dpi ?

Try adding '-dpi 100' to your X command line, either by modifying your 
display manager's configuration file or by tacking it on to the end of 
a startx line (startx :0 -- -dpi 100).  Also, make sure 100dpi fonts
are listed before 75dpi fonts in your XF86Config/xfs configuration.

Keep in mind that scalable (e.g. Type 1) fonts can be scaled to any
size at any resolution, so if the X server (or font server) believes
that you should be using 75dpi fonts, it'll synthesize scalable fonts
at 75dpi sizes.  This can cause some of the mixed-point-size lossage.

(It also seems to me that, in the specific case of 12 pt. Helvetica,
an exception line in the gsfonts package forces 75dpi fonts.  It'd
help if someone else could confirm this, though.  The easiest
workaround is to comment out the broken line in
/etc/X11/fonts/gsfonts.alias, IIRC.  Not in front of a Debian box
right now... :-/)

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