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IMP issue

Hello, all

I just installed imp/horde/mysql.  My server is located at mattyt.net.
Here is my /etc/hosts:       localhost    emerald.oz.net          gateway   webmail.mattyt.net      webmail   mail.mattyt.net         mail     doma.mattyt.net         doma     igra.mattyt.net         igra    tpad.mattyt.net         tpad    jay.mattyt.net          jay    angedon.mattyt.net      angedon

For some reason, when I point Netscape (from outside mattyt.net) at
mattyt.net/imp, Netscape says 'Looking up host doma.mattyt.net', then it
says 'Host doma.mattyt.net not found' of course, since the name doma is
only know to the LAN, it's not a routed subnet.


TIA for any help.... :)

Matthew Thompson       http://mattyt.net
mattyt@oz.net          http://www.oz.net/~mattyt
--Someday, I'll have a web page.--

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