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Re: installation question...?

Quoting Ken Ebling (tech1@us-it.net):
> Hi, I just downloaded all the .bin files from ftp.debian.org's
> debian/dists/potato/main/disks-i386/2.2.16-2000-07-14/images-1.44
> directory...
> I haven't ever seen the kernel-config file before, but I don't even get
> far enough to need it yet...! =)
> I used rawrite2 to put all the .bin's to disks... when I boot the system
> with the rescue disk in the a drive it loads syslinux, and gives me the
> screen that I have to push enter on to start installation... on that
> screen it says:
> This disk uses Linux 2.2.17
>     (from kernel-image-2.2.17_2.2.17pre6-1)
> when I press enter it says:
> Loading Linux...........
> Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to continue.
> does anyone know why it says it wants 2.2.17 when I downloaded it from
> the 2.2.16 directory!?

Well I'll answer this direct question, not knowing why your boot failed.

> debian/dists/potato/main/disks-i386/2.2.16-2000-07-14/images-1.44
               ------                 --- -- ----------
                     \_potato = 2.2__/   /       |
                                        /    boot disks date
     DEBIAN boot disks version number__/

> This disk uses Linux 2.2.17
LINUX kernel version_/


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