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Re: Font corruption under X

Rogerio Brito wrote:
> On Jul 08 2000, Mike Werner wrote:
> > Looks like that's it, alright.  I just popped my case to
> > double-check, and I am indeed using an S3 Virge/DX vid card with the
> > SVGA server.  ::sigh::
> 	Is there any reason why you don't use the specialized xserver
> 	for your card? The package is xserver-s3v (not to be confused
> 	with xserver-s3). I have installed that one for a customer and
> 	he doesn't seem to have those problems (I went to your page to
> 	see the corruption).

Well, I had considered that server.  But when I saw this ...

HAL9000:~$ grep-available -P xserver-s3v 
Package: xserver-s3v
Priority: optional
Section: x11
Installed-Size: 2037
Maintainer: Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>
Architecture: i386
Source: xfree86-1
Version: 3.3.6-3
Replaces: xbase (<<
Provides: xserver
Depends: xserver-common (>= 3.3.6), libc6 (>= 2.1.2), libz1
Filename: dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/x11/xserver-s3v_3.3.6-3.deb
Size: 892542
MD5sum: e6a896c951af08723bf0e1057596728c
Description: X server for S3 ViRGE and ViRGE/VX-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3v is an 8-bit PseudoColor and 16-bit TrueColor X server suitable
 for use with S3 ViRGE and ViRGE/VX graphic accelerator boards. In most cases
 use of this X server is deprecated in favor of the SVGA X server.

... that last line got me to use the SVGA server instead.  However, between
the realization that since I pretty much know that the SVGA server is the
cause of my troubles it most certainly can't hurt to try and your
recommendation, I am now downloading the xserver-s3v package as I type this.

> 	Perhaps then it won't be necessary to spend your hard-earned
> 	bucks on a new card?

Eventually I will anyway - I want a better card.  The card I currently have
has 4 megs VRAM onboard - that restricts me to 16 bit color at 1280x1024.  I
plan on getting a card with enough VRAM to let me run full color at that
resolution.  I've also reconsidered about the Matrox - I think I'll probably
get something that uses the Mach64 server, as that's the server that my
laptop uses.  And if they both use the same server that's less downloading
to do when upgrades come along.

> 	If I recall correctly, the SVGA server support for S3 is more
> 	or less of alpha quality (I don't know how things improved
> 	since I last read the documentation).
> > Thanks for the speedy reply.
> 	Try it and let us know.

If I can ever get the package downloaded I will - I'm currently getting
*really* low throughput.
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