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Re: Help(!) with Slink install -- disk repartitioning problem

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 11:41:55PM -0400, Christopher Lee wrote:
> *cc me on any replys, since I am not subscribed to debian-user*
> Please read this if you know something about hard-disk partitioning,
> and think you can tell us where the "mystery 2 Gigs" went.  My wife is
> a little stressed-out that I may be messing-up her computer....
> I'm installing Slink on my wife's laptop (I have the CDs lying around,
> and will upgrade it to Potato later).  She has a HP Omnibook 4150
> Laptop with a 10Gig HD running Windows 95, which I am modifying to
> work as a dual-boot machine.
> We used fips to shrink the DOS partition to 6 Gigs, and booted off the
> Slink CD to install Debian.  When we got to the disk repartitioning
> step of the install, cfdisk complained that the hard drive had
> inconsistent partition information and wouldn't run.  Undaunted (maybe
> stupidly), I shelled-out from the install program and ran ordinary
> fdisk, and removed the new partition that fips had split off from the
> original DOS partition.  After this, cfdisk ran, but it reported that
> we only had a little less than 2 Gigs left on the disk -- since it is
> a 10Gig drive, and we left 6 Gigs for Win95, we thought we should have
> 4 Gigs for Linux, not 2Gigs.


I think it's the dreaded 8G limit you've hit, I get the same when I try
to partition with my SuSE-6.4 CD, but my SuSE-6.2 CD  can see my full
disk, I don't know why.
I allways use SuSE 6.2 to do such stuff, I know it works well, and it
doesn't have a stupid and comlpicated X GUI ...

You should try an alternative diskpartitioning program, and it doesn't
have to be partition commander, just another linux fdisk _could_ do it.


UNIX, reach out and grep someone!

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