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Re: howto reset root password with setup disk (or some other way)

On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Corry Opdenakker wrote:

> Hi people,
> for some dark reason is my rootpassword changed.
> does anyone know how I can reset the password for root?
> A while a go someone told me that this is possible by using the install-boot
> disc or cd's.
> I hope I will not have to reinstall my machine.
> All help and tips are welcome!
> kind regards and best wishes, Corry.

Try booting from anywhere (the Debian installation source is a good
choice). Then mount the partition to which you mount "/" (the root file
system). Next open <mount_point>/etc/passwd with some editor ("ae" if from
the Debian install disks). Find the line which looks like this:


Change the "x" into "", i.e. so that the line looks like


You no more have a password set for "root" so boot your machine and supply
an empty one to log in.

I also suggest reading passwd(1) :).


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