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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

When my friends at school freshmen year all bagered me for using windows, I agreed to
let them install linux on my machine.  The first go was slackware, but because my
computer was all brand new hardware, there wasn't any support in linux for it.  So
that didn't go very far.  We then tried "andrew-linux" the CMU hacked up redhat,  but
ran into similar problems on that front.  After waiting a little bit, a different
friend decided to help me with debian.  Basically, everyone was pushing on me the
distro that they themselves used, and in the end, the friend who had the ambition to
go build a working kernel for my system in the clusters won out.

I found the interface to dselect very difficult to deal with, I would get caught in
these dependancy loops and not know how to get out of them, but this subject has been
beaten to death on this list.

Eventually I learned all I needed to know, and am VERY glad that I ended up with
debain.  I have since installed a few red hat systems and caldera once, but (and it
may be because of my knowledge of debian) I found those to be a pain.

So, I don't know if that counts as debian-last, because although it was, it had
nothing to do with trying others and not liking them.

I would like to say tough, caldera's installer was so nice compared to debians.  I've
done over 50 debian installs, and I still found the caldera one better.  PLUS it lets
you play tetris while it copies files over.   Too bad the out of the box networking
was screwed up.

-Aaron Solochek

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